The Doom Maidens Goddesses
This is the essence of the Doom Maidens.

We ladies are larger than life action personalities. Welcome to our area for fantastic adventures and outstanding endeavours. And for each of our goddess charactertistics.

Vetiver Lane
Goddess of Anarchy
She'll boggle your mind.
Jolie Voltaire
Goddess of Brutality
She'll rip you a new one.
Veronica Vicious
Goddess of Trash Talking
She'll spin you 'round.

In this area you will soon find information on our photo comics, fantasy photo shoots, crazy characters, and daily life (or sometimes nightly life) adventures.

Pirate Doom!
The Pirate Queen and her Apprentice
Stealthy Doom!
The Warlord vs the Assassin
Warlord vs Assassin
Street Fight Doom!
Kim Fu Yu vs Jenny Rancid

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