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and the Further Battles of Kim Fu Yu vs. Jenny Rancid

Screening at the (exact date and time TBA)!

Kim Fu Yu and Jenny Rancid have been in conflict for years. Their battles have been the things of song, story, and police report, and rumor has it that they are going to take their disagreement to the underground Combat Twister arena!

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Combat Twister written and directed by Captain Zorikh

Morgan Sinead
Veronica Vicious
Captain Zorikh
Dana Sterling

Sharlene Brandt
80 Bug
Linda Delmonico
Terence Exodus
Lauren Franchesca
Chantal Grosvenor
Rachel Grundy
Cort C. Kennedy
Kayleigh LaMaina
Natasha Missick
Holli Porreca
Laura Saravia
Snake Eyez
Hannah Thompson
Jeff Webb

Song "On the Edge" by STARK, shot at Frank Wood's birthday at Delancy, 2008.

Camera: Phil Fiumano of NY Rocks TV

Production Assistant: Holli Porreca

Associate producer: Eric Sobel

Shot in the storage room of the Halloween Adventure Costume Shop (now known as Masquerade) at 311 W. 43rd St in NYC.

Thanks to Stella and Al for providing the space.

Thanks to Dana Sterling for bringing the Twister board.

Thanks to Grapple Den for bringing the mats.

Drinking Contest written, directed, shot, and edited by Captain Zorikh

Cast: Kim Fu Yu: Veronica Vicious
Jenny Rancid: Morgan Sinead

Adrian Buckmaster
Brian Foley
Frank Wood of Otto's Shrunken Head
Glen Wernig
Gothic Hangman
Lady Mystic Red of the Banzai Babes
Louiza Patsis
Ron Price

Lighting: Damien Terror Dog

Shot in the basement at Tagine, a really cool Moroccan restaurant on 537 9th Ave near 40th Street in Manhattan.

Streetfight written, directed, and shot by Captain Zorikh on the streets of New York.

Cast: Veronica Vicious
Morgan Sinead

Copyright 2008 by Watch This Space Enterprises

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