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Hit the Mat! is a stage show built around combining the grappling and theatrical arts.

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Grappling is the fastest growing martial art and combat sport in America today, and forms of wrestling have existed in almost every culture in the history of mankind. This performance seeks to show how the grappling arts are as effective a movement vocabulary for theater arts as any dance or stage combat technique.

Our premiere performances were of a 25-minute collection of skits and scenes incorporating the grappling arts known as ""The Drama Club Tag-Team Grappling Championships." Techniques from freestyle wrestling, submission grapplling, greco-roman, jiu jitsu, judo, sambo, ringen, and pro wrestling were used in every scene to help express intention, drive the story, and explore the relationships between the characters. It had a sneak premiere at The Wicked Faire and another performance at the Anachronism Steampunk event at Webster Hall. We ran a very successful three-day workshop presentation at the Figment Festival on Governor's Island.

We are lining up other performance dates, and are looking to perform at arts festivals, martial arts conventions, wrestling conventions, comic book conventions, dance venues, and legitimate theatrical stages.

The show is conceived, produced, and directed by Captain Zorikh, an experienced competitive grappler, entertainer, actor, film director, and producer. He has been involved in various forms of grappling and wrestling entertainments for the past five years.

The cast is made up of a wonderfully diverse collection of actors, grapplers, mma fighters, pro wrestlers, dancers, and stage combat artists. Each performer brings their unique experience, skill-set, and enthusiasm to the show. Cast bios

Also contributing to the show are the Faux-Real Theater Co.'s Mark Greenfield and East Coast United Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's Jojo Guarin.

Some rehearsals are being held at City Wing Tsun, New York.

Sponsorships are actively being sought. This is a great opportunity for a martial arts or wrestling school, company that produces or sells grappling clothing, sports drinks, mma gear, or a website or TV show that covers the wrestling, grappling, or mma community to reach an enthusiastic, forward-thinking, cutting-edge audience that is ready to try something new. We have a variety of sponsorship options to fit any budget. Contact Captain Zorikh at zorikh@yahoo.com for details.

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